There are so many times that we sacrifice many hours working one-on-one with customers and we're not making as much money as we could be if we could reach multiple customers at once. For our membership sites, we're going to sell packages and we're going to charge a monthly recurring fee or a one-time package fee, depending on what our program is going to be.

Let me break it down and give you an example. Let's use a personal trainer, who charges $75 an hour. Let’s say on a crazy, rush week, we actually deliver 40 hours of personal training. I know in the fitness world that’s hard; you've got to have clients coming in and you have to be a really good trainer. So if we're doing $75 an hour, we have a full 40-hour workweek. That puts us at $12,000 a month. Now, picture this: If we take that personal trainer and we put the sessions online where people can see them and access them from anywhere, the trainer is no longer tied to a one-to-one business model. They are no longer stuck training in one location and hoping clients show up and not cancel. With online sessions, clients can show up at a time that is convenient for them. They can be late. The sessions are available 24/7/365.

All we would need to maintain the same income is 160 people in a membership model paying $75 a month. The trainer will be making the same amount of money doing nothing. Now, this is a win-win. Both the trainer and the customer are winning. The customers are paying less (instead of $75/hr they get a whole month) and the trainer is making money reaching more people.

To get up and running only takes a few hours in relation to the day to day, 9 to 5 grind. Maybe it takes the trainer 40 hours to create that membership site initially. All they need is 160 people in that course one time. That pays for what they’re making each month. And just imagine those people coming back each and every month. Now, the trainer is no longer going to the gym every day to work with one customer, where maybe they show up, maybe they don't. Working in the gym daily they may get paid that day, maybe they don't. Whereas online, people are paying you up front, no matter what they are doing. They are working out on their time.

The trainer also gets the added bonus of being able to reach all of those people without having geographical or time boundaries. Yes, we're going to take away those boundaries. With a membership site, you're not locked into your one location. You're going to have clients coming to you from all over the world, coming to take your class, your course, to learn from you. I can't tell you enough how amazing it is to be able to reach people all over the world, not just the people in your geographical area. It's amazing to see how many people you can meet.

So what goes inside the membership site? What kind of content are you teaching someone already or what do you know how to do? The membership site that made it to the Inc. 5000 fastest growing companies lists three years in a row is a multi-million dollar site teaching students to fly airplanes. I took a flight instructor who was going out to the airport, flying one-on-one with students and used that knowledge to build a course online for students. Students would come in with the dream to fly. They may never have been in an airplane before, but they knew they wanted to fly. The students knew they wanted to have that pilot certificate so they would go through our course. Once they completed the course, they would then go to their local flight school for the flight portion of their training, the actual flying. The flight instructors were amazed at the knowledge these new, up-and-coming pilots had because they had gone through our course and learned everything before they ever stepped into the airplane.

What are you going to build a membership site around? Everyone's an expert at something. Maybe you're good at working with your children at home or homeschooling them. That's something that's easy for you and you can teach other parents how to do it. Or maybe you're in great shape and people come up to you all the time and ask, “How did you get in such great shape?” Love doing makeup and hair? You can do tutorials on that. Maybe you're a music instructor and you can reach more people online by just teaching what you do. What are you currently doing, that you're doing one-on-one or in group settings, with clients?

We can take that, and build it into a membership site to provide your ideal customers with access to it. It can be any crazy, off-the-wall idea-- nothing is impossible. After all, we taught people how to fly planes online! So no idea is too crazy; you can make it happen.

Now if you start worrying or think you’ll never figure this out on your own, don’t worry. I am here to take care of it for you. We're also going to leverage time through group coaching, teaching all of the people at once, versus one-on-one. With the one-on-one business model, you simply run out of time. There's a feeling you can only reach so many people in a day. Go back to the example of the fitness trainer. You can only teach so many clients in a day. Even if you're working eight hour days, 10 hour days, maybe you can train ten people in one day. There are more people in this world than just 10 people. And you can reach so many more taking it online and reaching multiple people at once.