Five Things You Didn't Know About Sailing Holidays

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Some sailing tour operators pride themselves on personal service and first-hand product knowledge. Seeing new situations, learning about nature at its rawest, and experiencing new cultures and traditions will give a new perspective on life. On a sailing adventure, you will see your own troubles and the good things you have much clearer when things around you are so different from your own experiences. The sailing community as a whole is generally friendly and welcoming and there's always an eager ear ready to hear your tales of terror and triumph over a beer at the end of a long race. If you're sailing, you're outside enjoying the elements or at least experiencing them. You don't need any boating or sailing experience to enjoy a sailing holiday.

The learning that takes place while sailing goes beyond maritime skills, embracing life lessons about leadership, attention to detail, and teamwork. Who among us hasn't gone out for a short sail on the perfect day - 15 knot breeze, golden sunshine, gentle swell, lovely boat and a couple of hours on our own? I’m convinced that being adventurous adds to the quality and no doubt the quantity of life as we age. Sure being fit helps, of course, but I believe that the stimulation of nature and the sense of accomplishment you get with sailing adventures exponentially enhances our retirement years far more than any gym or golf course could. Whether you're a fresh-faced novice or an old salt with callouses on both hands, there are Learn to Sail to suit one and all.

A sailing adventure is the dream of so many people for a reason, there is something so inherently romantic about life on a sailboat, spending our free time on the open sea. Sailing along the coast of Sicily and the neighbouring islands of Balestrate, Favignana, Taormina and the Egadi Islands are just some of the destinations to discover in Sicily. Captains on sailing adventure holidays are very knowlegible in marine life and sailing. Boats with auxiliary engines are required to carry approved fire extinguishers. With Sailing Holidays you can learn important life skills.

Many of sailing expeditions include the opportunity to experience wildlife and scenery from the intimate perspective a kayak offers. On a sailing vacation, the guides usually have extensive knowledge about the areas that will be visited. I have not really sailed before and the skipper on my recent sailing adventure was kind enough to teach me some techniques and terms. For an activity that humans figured out eons ago, sailing can be complicated.

My sailing adventure inspired me to pick away as some sailing education and credentialing. Check the weather forecast so you can be prepared for whatever the weather might bring. Be sure to bring along adequate provisions, clothing and basic weather gear as needed. Boating and sailing basics means always being prepared. Powered by the wind and your crew, explore the coastline or sailing offshore and get ready to create your own adventure There are hundreds of great places to sail in Great Britain, with thousands of miles of lochs and beautiful coastlines waiting to be explored.

Some dinghy and sailing canoes are adapted to work without the sailor having to move at all. An adventure holiday in Antarctica would be a great way to capture the vastness and essence of the wildlife and the iceberg formations. It is extremely important that you take out a suitable travel insurance policy at the time of booking fpr your sailing holiday. Sailing is classically considered a docile sport. The stereotype yachtsman sunning himself with Gin and Tonic in hand whilst his boat glides effortlessly through the waves. This couldn't be further from the truth on a sailing adventure.

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